Providing answers to common questions

What is the difference between Exchanged Life counseling and the more well-known Nouthetic counseling?

Nouthetic counseling was promoted by Jay Adams, and Exchanged Life counseling was promoted by Dr. Charles Solomon. While each is biblically based, the Exchanged Life approach teaches that man is a trichotomy — or three unique parts — body, soul and spirit. In Nouthetic counseling, the soul and spirit are considered one part, and therefore, they take a dichotomous approach to man’s design. Also, while Nouthetic counseling emphasizes the need for believers to apply Scripture to their lives in order to bring about positives life changes, the Exchanged Life approach seeks to show the believer their new identity in Christ and how to allow Him to live His life through them in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about positive life changes.

Does ELM of Greater Philadelphia take insurance for payment?

Unfortunately, no. At this time there is no PA licensed counselor on staff, so we cannot work with insurance companies. You can, however, talk to your insurance company and see if they will reimburse you if you submit your ELM receipts as a non-participating provider.

How can I get help with the costs of counseling?

We recommend talking with your pastor and his leadership team. Perhaps, your church can help with part of the costs for a specified number of sessions.

Does Robyn counsel men individually?

Robyn would counsel a man only if an adult woman also attended the sessions. Otherwise, she refers them to her colleague, Dr. Glen Rosenberger.