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Robyn is in the process of writing a book entitled “Loved and Accepted.” Pastor Ken Keeler is also in the process of writing new material.  Check back for more news on new publications.

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The Way of the Cross Workbook

This was designed by Robyn Henning to assist clients in processing through the Exchanged Life truths. It is free to download, but please do not sell it.

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Setting the Mind Verses

This is a list of key verses and how to apply them in order to set your mind on truth throughout your day.

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Steps to Freedom

This is our unique version of the “Seven Steps to Freedom” which combines Dr. Neil Anderson’s prayers with concepts from Dr. Jim Logan’s book, “Reclaiming Surrendered Ground.”

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Warfare Prayers

This a group of warfare prayers based on concepts from Marie Malcolm Hearn’s book “Demolishing Strongholds.”

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