Support us through Prayer

We really appreciate all your continued prayers for Exchanged Life Ministries

Below we have listed some of the prayer requests and praises we have for Exchanged Life Ministries. We really appreciate all your continued support through your prayers! We will keep the list updated each month with the latest prayer requests and praises.

September 2023


  1. For amazing new ministry connections both in SC and PA.
  2. For new Journey Tools Groups forming for September.
  3. For our clients’ growth in Christ and their emotional/spiritual healing.
  4. For a growing social media following and online counseling platform.
  5. For God’s provision in to keep us going this past quarter.
  6. For God faithfully guiding us in the transition to Redeeming Hearts Ministries.
  7. For the new one time donor.
  8. For God’s faithfulness to His word and in guiding the ministry toward the vision He has set.

Prayer Requests

  1. For wisdom in building a counseling referral network in Greenwood.
  2. For new Journey Tools groups to get started.
  3. For completion of Jumpstart Your Journey research project and partnering with God’s choice in faculty advisors at Liberty.
  4. For wisdom in each counseling session and Journey Tools groups.
  5. For new funding options and partnerships to form (RHM).
  6. For the approval of Way of the Cross to be taught in the jail (BCCF) as approved material.
  7. For wisdom in discipleship training and new formed mentorships.