Support us through Prayer

We really appreciate all your continued prayers for Exchanged Life Ministries

Below we have listed some of the prayer requests and praises we have for Exchanged Life Ministries. We really appreciate all your continued support through your prayers! We will keep the list updated each month with the latest prayer requests and praises.

March 2024


  1. For Journey Tools reaching Uganda and Zambia (Robyn).
  2. For new Journey Tools moving out into local churches (Robyn).
  3. For the Lord’s sustaining hand over this past year in all things (RHM).
  4. For a growing awareness of the ministry(RHM).
  5. For God’s provision in to keep us going this past quarter (RHM & Robyn).
  6. For our clients’ growth in Christ and their emotional healing (Robyn).
  7. For the new our 2 new one time donors (RHM).
  8. For growing interest in JT (Robyn).
  9. For completing our first year as RHM and for new ministry opportunities. (RHM)

Prayer Requests

  1. For wisdom in wisdom in maintaining personal and professional relationships. (RHM)
  2. For next steps for the Way of the Cross being approved material in jails locally and in surrounding counties. (RHM)
  3. For wisdom and a faithful testimony as we interact and participate in secular spaces. (RHM)
  4. For additional monthly donors and sponsors. (RHM)
  5. For a steady stream of new clients both online and in person. (Robyn)
  6. For wisdom in counseling and in getting JT into local churches. (Robyn)
  7. For God to bring us additional admin staff so more video content can be produced. (Robyn)