Support us through Prayer

We really appreciate all your continued prayers for Exchanged Life Ministries

Below we have listed some of the prayer requests and praises we have for Exchanged Life Ministries. We really appreciate all your continued support through your prayers! We will keep the list updated each month with the latest prayer requests and praises.

September 2018


  • For Pastor Ken surviving his car accident.
  • For a few new clients.
  • For my clients’ growth in Christ and their emotional/spiritual healing.
  • For a growing social media following of our blog.
  • For a solid 3nd quarter of giving and sufficient funds to keep the ministry going.
  • That Mom’s decline is still moving at a slow pace.
  • For approval of Hospice help 5 days a week, 2 hours a day.

Prayer Requests

  • For Pastor Ken Keeler to heal from his injuries.
  • For consistent monthly donations so we can keep going.
  • For new client referrals.
  • For Mom to be stable .
  • For wisdom in each counseling session and a great ladies’ workshop.
  • For me to stay focused on the Lord and His love for me, and for my faith to be strong in Him.
  • For ELM’s social media following to grow exponentially.