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Serving the church by helping believers understand their identity in Christ and learn to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.



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Ready and Able

| Exchanged Life Truths, Philippians | No Comments

A 5-year old boy ran across the kitchen floor to answer the phone. “Hello, is your mother home?” asked a woman on the other end. “I’m sorry; she is changing…

Intentional Cultivation

| Exchanged Life Truths | No Comments

Have you heard the phrase “microwave generation”? It refers to wanting instant gratification with minimal to no effort. We want it now, we want it cheap, and we want it…

ELM/RHM September Newsletter

| Newsletter | No Comments

Ministry Update Greetings All in the wonderful name of Jesus our Christ. We were able to bring on a new board member. Give a warm welcome to Kim Players. We…