One of my favorite portions of Scripture is John 15 where Jesus is called the vine and we are the branches.

If we abide in Him, we will bring forth much fruit.

But, what does it mean to ABIDE in Jesus?

To abide means to dwell or live somewhere.

So, abiding in Jesus is all about living with the awareness of Christ being my source of life.

Jesus lives IN me and I have life IN Him.

Looking to Jesus as my life means that I am consciously setting my mind each day on the fact that:

  • He loves and accepts me;
  • I am safe and secure in Him;
  • I belong to Him;
  • He enjoys fellowship with me through prayer;
  • He knows everything there is to know about me, and He still delights in me.

We get in trouble anytime we are looking for these aspects of life apart from Jesus.

We can easily turn our attention to people, achievements, stuff, or worse…addictions.

The problem is that people and things can’t give us life, only Jesus can, and anything we look to other than Jesus is an idol.

So, beloved, take some time to talk with Jesus and ask Him to show you who or what you are looking to for life other than Him.

Confess and repent of it and receive His life flowing inĀ  you and through you by faith and you will experience what it means to ABIDE in Christ.


Robyn Henning


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