I have been blessed to have great counseling mentors like Pastor Ken and our mutual mentor Glen Rosenberger.

Glen is the one who many years ago first taught me the basics of spiritual warfare.

I confess to being a bit frustrated with believers who do not want to admit there is a battle much less learn who to effectively stand firm against the schemes of the enemy.

I have seen that fear is Satan’s main weapon to keep people disengaged from the battle.

They are afraid of what the enemy might do…sickness, financial loss, etc.  Some will even argue that once we become believers that the enemy cannot attack.

I’ve always scratched my head at this.

Who do they think he sees as the enemy…the unsaved?

No, believers are the ones he opposes not unbelievers.

Then, there is the old argument about demon possession of believers.

First off, the Greek work is best translated as demonization or oppression not possession.

Believers cannot have their will usurped by Satan; he cannot own them.

He can gain legal standing or ground in their life to oppress them.

Peter describes him as a roaring lion on the prowl looking for someone to devour.

He also exhorts us to resist him.

Paul tells us to put on the full armor so that we can stand firm against the schemes of the devil.

Beloved, Satan considers us his enemy.

He will use fear to either keep us from the battlefield or to keep us from being effective on the battlefield.

How do we overcome him?

We learn to stand firm in the finished work of the cross of Jesus.

We need to understand that the truth is we are seated at the right hand of the Father in Jesus Christ in the same position that Jesus is in…. a position of victory and authority over the enemy.

We have overcome our accuser by the shed blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony of faith in that shed blood to redeem us.

The enemy looks for any chance he can to get us to concede ground to him.

Paul tells us to not let the sun go down on our anger and thereby give Satan ground… both on the battlefield and the courts of heaven.

But we will talk more on that in future videos.

He is a wily opponent, but the victory is already ours.

Stand firm in faith in Jesus and don’t give him an inch of territory in your life.

Robyn Henning