We are shifting back to our series on the spiritual battle.

Remember Satan has three main strategies: temptation, accusation and deception.

He and his minions are expert liars.

They candy coat onions and convince you that they are really candy-coated apple.

So, you take a bite and well, that’s when it gets nasty.

Even so, we continue to eat because it feels true.

One of his favorite lies is, “feelings determine truth.”

No, God’s Word is the Source of Truth not our emotions.

Another one is, “I’m worthless or I’m not good enough.”

Beloved, our value as believers comes from one person: Jesus.

It was established on the cross.

We are of the same value as the Blood of Jesus.

That is the price God assigned to us.

It has nothing to do with our performance, the opinion of others, our looks or our position in this world.

These are just two of Satan’s favorites; he has a whole arsenal of them.

So, how do we combat these lies.

First, we need to be in the Word and saturating our minds with the Truth.

This enables us to easily spot the enemy’s lies that the power of sin will introduce into our thoughts or speak through the flesh of other key people in our lives.

Second, ask the Spirit to search you and to reveal any lies you are believing about yourself, others and God.

Write down what He speaks in your spirit.

Ask Him to speak truth to the lies.

Write it down.

Ask Him to show you who taught you those lies.

Process through forgiving them, exchanging the lie for the truth, un-partnering with the lie and re-partnering with Truth.

This is all basic tools that are covering in the Journey Tools program and it is transforming lives.

Beloved, the enemy wants to trap you in lies.

God wants the Truth, Jesus, to set you free to live in His love and acceptance that Jesus obtained for you through the cross.

Indeed, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He has made the way for us to be reconciled with the Father and to rest in our relationship with Him.

The Truth has set us free!

Whom the Son has set free is free indeed!

Robyn Henning