Have you read about the movement towards Trans-humanism?

It’s what some folks consider the next evolutionary step for humanity.

Think Iron Man.  In essence, it’s the blending of technology with humanity (and there are some other weirder forms too).

It could be something as simple as an embedded chip to track a variety of information to the insertion of nanobots to battle cancer or other illnesses.

Now, there’s a number of folks who’ve posted videos on this topic, but what I want us to consider is the reality that Christians are already trans-human.

You see, our lives have been co-mingled with Christ’s life.

He literally lives in our skin.

That’s a whole lot better than any tiny robots! (and a lot less creepy)

He’s the Creator of the Universe, yet we carry Him around every moment of every day.

We share minds with Jesus.

Through the Holy Spirit, we experience His leading in decisions, His comfort in stressful moments, and His power to walk in victory over Satan.

Another thing to consider is that since out lives are blended with His life, we share His past, His present and His future.

All that He went through on the cross, we went through too; that’s why Paul stated, “I have been crucified with Christ.”

When Jesus was resurrected, so were we.

Our old nature in Adam, died on the cross, and we were born again into Jesus’ family with a new nature freed from the power of sin.

Crucified sinners transformed into resurrected saints.

And, it’s all due to our lives being co-mingled with the very life of Jesus.

Technology cannot improve on that!

No matter what they invent, our  mortal bodies will die.

But, for those of us whose lives are co-mingled with Christ’s life, the day that our bodies die is the day that we are transformed into what He originally intended for us to be.

The shadow will be lifted, and we will experience His life in dimensions we have yet to see.

So, beloved, rejoice in your trans-humanism…. your life is co-mingled with Jesus’ life.

It doesn’t get any better that that!