We are going to take a short break from spiritual warfare and enjoy the reason for the season: Emmanuel, God with us.

Think about that name.  God within us is an even better understanding of what Jesus has done for us.

He came and dwelt on this earth with a few people for 33 years.

Now, He dwells within us, paired with our minds, expressing Himself through our unique personalities as we learn to partner with Him.

He declared that He will never leave nor forsake us.

He is intertwined with our being to the molecular level – to the invisible level.

His light energizes us.

And to think that it all started in the womb of an obedient, surrendered teenage girl so many years ago.

Jesus poured Himself out and set aside His right to manifest His deity in its fullness that He might walk among us, carry out the mission His Father gave Him to redeem us, and establish His victory over sin and death.

This is the reason we celebrate His birth.

Without His birth, there would be no remission of sin and salvation for us.

As we eagerly await the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, let’s celebrate His humble entrance into our world knowing that He is coming again as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Along with that, let’s endeavor through the Holy Spirit to increase our conscious awareness of our co-mingling with Jesus.

He is literally interwoven in our DNA.

Instead of asking Him to be with us or anyone else, let’s shift our prayers to asking Him to make us more conscious of His Presence in us and to establish our thoughts with His thoughts.

If our thinking is in alignment with the Mind of Christ in us, then our adversary has no room in our head space to interject thoughts of temptation, accusation or deception.

And, even if he does, those thoughts are quickly countered with Scripture and reassuring truth by the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, God is not only with you, He is enmeshed in every fiber and cell of your being.

Ask Him to make you more and more aware of His Presence so that you experience His love, joy and peace in every circumstance good or bad.

He loves you!

He came to this earth for one purpose to redeem us… that includes you!

Celebrate Emmanuel!

God with us!

Merry Christmas!

Robyn Henning