Have you ever been trapped by the mindset that sounds like, “I don’t feel like it.”

It’s the mental game the enemy plays with us to keep us from doing what we need to do or what the Lord wants us to do.

In one of our Journey Tools acronyms the last two letters stand for Trust and Obey.

What I’ve seen lately is that the enemy targets each of these points but he really loves to undermine the Trust to keep us from the Obey.

Here’s personal example.

I have never really enjoyed working out.

I’d rather do physical labor than be on an exercise machine any day.

So, when I asked the Lord about what I needed to do to lower my blood pressure, He said, “workout.”

I groaned.

I recognized that my motivation needed to shift.

I needed to set my mind on losing weight for Him, so that He could use me more efficiently moving forward.

Beloved, when we hear His directives, we need to submit without judging them.

“Do I feel like doing this?”

It does not matter if you feel like doing it.

What matters is that you believe that He loves you and that whatever He directs you to do is coming out of His love and wisdom.

He knows why He is directing you to do things.

Trusting in His love for you enables you to obey.

If there is a hitch in your obedience, ask the Lord to show you where you are not trusting Him.

What lie is the enemy dangling in front of you?

Where is pride creeping in that is leading you do what you feel like doing in contrast to what the Lord is directing?

How do we push through this strategy?

Start increasing your awareness of partnering with Jesus’ presence in the easy things…what you like to do.

Also, build the habit of surrendering your daily agenda to the Lord.

Lord, what do You want to do with me today?

What’s first?

What’s next?

In His Presence is the fullness of joy.

Whatever we do with Him will feed our brains with joy which is what we are craving.

When we engage Him in tasks no matter what they are, we will experience His Presence and His joy.

Beloved, trust Him for the next task each day.

Ask Him to do it through you.

Thank Him for being with you.

Learn to enjoy His Presence in all things that you are doing in His strength and do it for His glory!

Robyn Henning