How much do you appreciate God’s grace and mercy?

A whole bunch, right?

How much do you enjoy applying it to others’ who wound or offend you?

Maybe, not so much.

Sometimes it’s really hard to forgive others when they wound us.

Now, let’s add the element of the spiritual battle.

Satan loves to divide relationships, whether they are marriages, friendships, parent/child, or work partnerships… he loves to sow seeds of division whenever he has the opportunity.

Grace and mercy are the best weed killers of seeds or weeds of discord.

If you are anything like me, you might have trouble applying these weed killers for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, what they did really hurt, and fresh wounds need treatment with the Lord to be bound up.

Part of the cleansing of the wound is applying the balm of grace and mercy.

The enemy wants us to forget how God applies grace and mercy to us every time we opt for our flesh instead of Him.

While our salvation remains intact, when we sin, our fellowship with God is hindered until we confess our sins.

Each time we do, He is faithful to acknowledge our faith in the Blood of Jesus and then apply grace and mercy to us to restore unhindered fellowship with Him.

Likewise, we too need to forgive those who offend us and pass on grace and mercy to them.

If we don’t, we will be vulnerable to enemy attack, and he will not pass up the chance to create division in place of healing.

Picture a gash in your arm.

You would not widen the gash; rather, you would seek a doctor to clean out the wound and close the wound by stitching it up.

Jesus is our Great Physician.

He came to bind up the brokenhearted.

Ask Him to remind you of how much grace and mercy He pours out on you all the time.

Then, ask Him to show you who you need to forgive.

Choose then to forgive their offense.

Give the hurt and pain to Him.

Pass on His grace and mercy to them.

Choose to live at peace with them.

The Devil loses and grace wins!

Robyn Henning