Previously, we saw Jesus, our healer. Now we see Him as Righteous Judge.

As a prelude to our wound series, we must know Jesus as Healer and Righteous Judge.

Believing that He can heal any wound (self-inflicted or inflicted by another), and knowing that He is able to correctly and righteously judge the wrongs done to us and by us, will greatly impact our ability to process offenses that promotes healing and spiritual growth.

Once we reconcile in our heart that Christ alone can judge accurately and righteously, we can choose to surrender the healing of our wounds to His sovereign care.

Our real-life example is none other than Jesus Christ himself. John 5:30 says:

“I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is righteous, because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me.”

What a perfect example of aligning with God’s perfect will, judgement, and authority.

It is so freeing to submit our vindication to the one who has the power to make all things right, JESUS!

Here’s a little secret………HIS IS THE VICTORY!!!!!!!! He already won! He already defeated every struggle and every wrong!

Truth be told, we don’t want to hear a verdict of Grace and Mercy (unless it’s our own personal case).

We want vindication (our way).

We want the wrong righted (by our standards and now).

We want others to suffer as we suffered.

When we seek vindication by fleshly efforts, satisfaction is fleeting and temporary.

Fleshly efforts are corruptible works, void of eternal reward.

They burn as wood, hay, and stubble and will be counted to us as loss.

Only what is done in His strength and for His glory will span time and come out refined and worthy of reward (incorruptible).

Jesus recognized His need for the leading wisdom of His Heavenly Father to judge righteously and surrendered to His authority.

We must follow his example.

We must recognize that we are unable to judge because there is but one Righteous Judge, Jesus our Christ!

We need only surrender to His verdict.

Anything other than surrender to His authority and rulings is Pride.

Pride says, “I can judge this offense better than God.”

Pride says, “I am judge.”

It places my authority above Christ’s.

Pride allows us to act in the flesh a.k.a. “imposter” as opposed to our “new man” identity as a Spirit filled, Spirit led child of God.

Pride steals our peace and leaves us feeling hopeless. Pride infects us as a branch of the vine and causes a putrid fruit of bitterness to grow.

Lord, show when/where we have stood as judge. Forgive us. Lord, we repent and ask that you take your place on the throne of our hearts as the one true, Righteous judge. Empower us by your Spirit to live surrendered to your divine will, knowing, and trusting you as our Righteous Judge. Amen

Crystal Hippo