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Greetings once again in the name of our blessed Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!  We have had such a tempestuous Spring that I am ready for Summer to get here and for the weather to calm down!

Thank you for your prayers for me as I settle my mom’s estate.  I made it over the first hurdle of filing the Probate documents and making an initial  payment on the PA Inheritance tax.  The rest of the tax filings are due in mid-September. 

I am off to a good start tackling the lengthy process of sorting through the house and donating items that I cannot sell.  My sister, Barb, hosted a mobile shredding event at her Remax office and I was able to gather up a whole Explorer full of documents to shred.  We hope to make progress over the Summer in either the sale or development of the farm.

This last month I was blessed to have several new clients come for counseling.  I am excited to see how the Lord will work in their lives.  Also, I am hoping that the Lord will open doors to speak at Ladies’ conferences in the Fall.  I love teaching the Exchanged Life Truths to groups of ladies who have never heard them before.

Please continue to pray that my weekly client hours increases to 20 hours per week so that I can increase my salary to a livable wage in 2019.  Thank you!

Testimony Time

Sally was referred to my by a co-worker who had benefitted from our ministry in the past.  She had been through so much loss and was unsure of her faith in God. 

About 10 years ago her husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack right in their living room.  She saw the whole thing take place and could do nothing for him.  He was the love of her life.

She found herself raising two young children on her own, and she struggled to make ends meet and be the best mom she could be under the circumstances.  One day her son decided to falsely accuse her of abuse.  All hell broke lose as the local child welfare system swooped in.  There was no evidence of abuse.  It was her son’s word against hers, and they chose to believe her son.  He was removed from her home and fostered out to a wealthy family who could give him all the stuff she couldn’t. He was not about to change his story to the truth.

Her heart was broken over his lies, but another battle started.  They came after her daughter.  Lots of money later, she won back custody of her daughter, and they are really close.  While she misses her son, she realizes that he is not safe to be with at this time.

We worked on grief issues and forgiveness.  It wasn’t easy to forgive and hand over her hurt to the Lord, but she did it.  She told me recently that for the first time since her husband’s death, she was able to drive past a place that always stirred up painful memories without even thinking about all that had happened.  She was free!

We still have many questions to talk through about faith in Jesus, but we are making great progress for His glory!

Pastor Ken Keeler Update

From Ken: The Lord has been opening up more opportunities which I praise him for. Starting in January, the church that I am attending, the Church of the Open Door, asked me to preach on Sunday nights. I am going through the book of Colossians, and we have a great group of people who attend that are hungry for the Word. I also am the leader of the men’s group at our on Wednesday nights, and the men are enjoying it as we have great discussions around God’s Word. I have also been preaching regularly at a church in York that doesn’t have a pastor. Recently, I had the privilege to speak at my son Jon’s ordination service. I am continuing to mentor a man in greater understanding of the Exchanged Life. Please keep praying that the Lord opens up opportunities to share his Word.

ELM Finances

Thank you so much to all of you who made donations this quarter.  Praise the Lord, I was able to increase my salary $500 these last couple months. Remember that your regular giving allows me to counsel clients who are unable to pay full price for help.  Donations of any amount are such an encouragement to me as I juggle all the needs of the ministry while settling my mom’s estate and preparing the farm for sale.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to ELM.  You can do so directly on our website by clicking on the Donation tab or by sending in a check to our address.  Simply, make your check payable to ELM

Prayer & Praise June 2019


1. For consistent monthly donations so we can keep going.

2. For new client referrals and for 20 client hours per week.

3. For wisdom in handling the Probate process and the sale of the farm.

4. For wisdom in each counseling session.

5. For me to stay focused on the Lord and His love for me, and for my faith to be strong in Him.

6. For Pastor Ken Keeler to see his ELM support grow.

7. For ELM’s social media following to grow exponentially and for new speaking opportunities..


1. For several new clients.

2. For  Pastor Ken’s job at the Christian School of York.

3. For my clients’ growth in Christ and their emotional/spiritual healing.

4. For a growing social media following of our blog.

5.   For the generous donations made to ELM this last quarter.

6.  That I successfully  filed my first set of paperwork for  Probate. 

7.  For the capacity to increase my monthly salary by $500 for the last few months.

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