How good are you at waiting?

I have a lot of room for growth in this fruit area.

The Lord and I have a running joke when I ask, “so how long before this happens?”

He just answers, “soon.”

I usually sigh knowing that He is simply saying, “Chill, Robyn.”

You see, ‘soon’ needs context to have meaning.

Soon could be five minutes or it could be 2,000 years.

As I was teaching on Romans 8, I was once again struck with our need to draw on His ability to wait with hope especially when going through suffering.

Paul exhorts us to reset our vision on the overwhelming glory that awaits us when we are fully glorified in Him.

We are the first to receive our sin-free earth suits.

The rest of creation will follow us in being transformed as John tells us at the end of Revelation.

The knowledge of this soon reality breathes hope into us in spite of the sufferings we face as believers.

Beloved, what struggles are you facing?

He is with you.

All that you are going through; He is going through in you.

You are not alone.

He has not forsaken you.

He is coming soon.

In the meantime, He is with us.

He loves us.

He has overcome the world.

Our future is secure no matter what we see happening around us.

There are demon-empowered people doing heinous things.

Their time is short lived and they will be brought to justice in this world and in God’s courts as well.

Do not give up hope, for our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said, “I am coming soon.”

Indeed, He is.

Fix your eyes on Him to be the author and finisher of His work in you.

He will complete what He started in you.

Draw on His patience and power to enable you to persevere to the end.

Jesus is coming back for His bride.

Let’s purpose to persevere in the hope that He has given us and to all creation.

Robyn Henning