Do you realize how important it is to keep your mind tuned into the right channel?

Who are you listening to?

The mind tuned into the flesh will be focused on death…all that you lack and it will send you pursuing the things of the flesh and ultimately rob you of life.

The mind tuned into the Spirit will establish your thoughts in alignment with truth and all of the fruits of the Spirit will fill your soul.

Which do you want?

More than any other NT author, Paul exhorts us to set our minds on the Spirit.

He understood the battle that we all face.

The enemy wants us to focus solely on earthly relationships, and this gets ingrained in us from birth.

The Lord wants us to learn to shift our focus upward so that His original plan for us can unfold.

His design was for us to rest and receive all that is Life from Him and have earthly relationships serve as the ‘cherry on top.’

Once a person is reborn into God’s family by faith in Jesus’ shed blood, they are reconnected with the Source of Life.

We have already been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.

We are loved; we are accepted; we are good enough; we are holy; we are adequate; we belong; and so much more.

Satan does not want us to know or believe this.

He hounds us with messages of not being good enough to trigger our flesh patterns that come out of our perceived insecurities.

He also wants us to believe that God is chronically cranky and disappointed with us.

Oy, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It does grieve Him when we choose the flesh; but it never surprises Him and He always sees us as we really are: complete, perfect in Christ Jesus.

He has made us ‘good enough’ with the ‘good enough’ of Jesus.

This is one of the biggest, most important blessings that we have already inherited in Jesus.

Beloved, we haven’t earned these blessings.

They been given to us by grace because of our faith in Jesus.

No boasting is allowed; only rejoicing!

Thank You Jesus for your opinion of me; it is enough!

I choose to align with how You see me even when others are barking messages of ‘you’re not good enough.’

Beloved, set your mind vertically.

Ask Him how He sees you.

Write it down.

Align with His view of you by declaring His Words aloud: “I am…”

Praise Him for it!

Robyn Henning