We don’t get to choose what family we are born into and we don’t get to choose what kind of flesh patterns they pass onto to us.

We learn how to navigate life relationally by what is modeled for us in our earthly families.

Our self-image is greatly influenced by the words of our family members and friends.

I am thankful for my family.

I had a great upbringing on a farm surrounded by extended family.

However, flesh patterns that were modeled for me and that I adopted are stinky to say the least.

I just spent some time renouncing mindsets that are relationally detrimental that the Lord showed me were passed on generationally to me.

I declared that I was no longer in that lineage because I had been taken out of Adam and reborn into Jesus’ family.

My lineage is cleared of all the rotten relational patterns that the enemy claimed the right to perpetuate.

Beloved, you are a new creation in Christ.

The old you and your lineage in Adam is gone.

You are now in the family of Jesus.

You share His lineage.

You no longer have to act like your earthly family.

You can choose to put off the flesh patterns they taught you.

You can declare them put off at the cross and the new you in Jesus has come out of the grave.

Words matter beloved.

The enemy listens.

He looks to use our words against us in the courts of heaven where he disputes the not guilty verdict rendered in our cases.

He is always looking to appeal that verdict by introducing evidence based on our words and actions.

Thankfully, we have an Advocate who not only represents us but also points to His blood.

The enemy has not answer for the Blood.

It shuts him up every time.

Beloved, the real you, born again into Jesus’ family, is no longer a slave to sin or anger, addiction, shame, lust, greed or any other form of the flesh.

We are free because Jesus has set us free.

So shake the flesh off.

Put on the mindset of Jesus which is total dependence on Him for love and acceptance and total surrender to the Father’s will.

Praise Jesus we are free indeed!

Robyn Henning