What are Satan’s three main tactics to try to take us down?

Temptation, Accusation and Deception.

Today, I want to focus on the second one: Accusation.

He uses this on the heels of tempting us to indulge our Imposter flesh.

I believe that he has assigned demons to listen and watch us and then seek to build a ‘legal’ case against us.

Their goal is to bring us into bondage again to lies that feel true.

If we believe the lie that our performance is what makes us ‘right’ with God, the enemy will have a field day reminding us of all of our fleshly mistakes.

If key people in our lives have spoken shame and guilt into us this will also give the accuser leverage to pound us with.

His goal is to make us believe that God hates us.

He wants us to think that our mistakes have separated us from God and that He is chronically disappointed in us.

Oy, He is never disappointed with us.  Why?

He always has accurate expectations of us.

He knows exactly what we are going to do before we do it.

If the accuser is beating you with the Shame stick, ask the Lord to show you who spoke shame over you.

Whomever He shows you, forgive and bless them; offer the shame to the Lord and ask Him what He will give you in exchange.

Receive what He offers.

Lastly, declare that you are un-partnering with the shame and re-partnering with His good opinion of you.

Beloved, the moment you accepted Jesus as your Savior was the very moment that all guilt was removed from you.

Your faith in Jesus resulted in a ‘not guilty’ verdict in your case before the Righteous Judge.

That does not stop the enemy from seeking to keep you from knowing that no accusation can stand against you.

If he starts chirping at you with reminders of sin, tell him to shut up in Jesus’ name and point to the blood which has you covered.

Shift your thoughts to praise and worship; that always irritates the enemy and makes him flee.

Beloved, God is for you.

No case the enemy conjures up has legal standing in the courts of heaven.

Rest in the finished work of the cross.

Tell the accuser to shut up and go where Jesus sends him.

Robyn Henning