When is the last time you heard or thought, “I need to get right with God.”

What does that mean?

I was in Atlanta recently where this topic was addressed in one of the sessions.

It struck me as the speaker was emphasizing that our rightness with God is already established in its fullness.

We don’t have to strive to be right with God.

We have already received the rightness of Jesus.

Beloved, we are His children because of our faith in Jesus’ blood to reconcile us to the Father and introduce us to His grace.

How do our daily decisions affect our rightness with God?

They don’t.

Our rightness is based on Jesus not us.

He took our sin, our wrongness, and gave us His rightness.

Is Jesus ever not right with the Father?  No.

So, neither are we.

So, does that mean that when we choose to sin that it doesn’t matter?

No, it means that we are right with God but mistakenly choosing to function from our imposter flesh instead of the real us in Christ.

Beloved,  the moment you accepted Jesus as your Savior is the very moment He made you right with God.

Now, daily, we must learn to put off the imposter flesh that makes choices from a scarcity mentality and put on the mindset of Jesus which experiences the abundance of life in Him.

Isn’t it interesting that scarcity has the word scare in it.

Fear of missing out is a huge weapon of the enemy to drive us into fear based choices.

Beloved, God’s perfect love drives out the fear that Satan seeks to trigger in us.

God is not mad at you.

He loves you.

He is never disappointed with you.

He delights in you.

He has made you right in Jesus.

Your rightness depends on Jesus and His finished work on the cross, not on your choices and behaviors.

The one thing that is impacted by our choices is the fullness of fellowship with the Spirit.

If I am giving into fear and the flesh, I am going to have a hard time hearing His voice.

My relationship with Him never changes, but my ears can get clogged with fear.

Draw on Jesus’ faith in you to believe and receive His abundant life as you rest in your rightness in Christ Jesus.

Robyn Henning