Partakers of His Nature

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What makes mankind so unique among all the angels and other created beings?

We are the only ones that God has chosen to make fully in His image.

While members of the angelic realm are image bearers, humans are the only ones that God designed to procreate.

This ability to reproduce is the main reason that Lucifer and his colleagues made a pact to descend on Mount Hermon to set up their own version of the divine council and then go into women – the daughters of men – to have children.

God had not allowed the various members of the angelic realm to procreate.

Because they were eternal creatures who were His servants, He deemed it unnecessary for them to reproduce.

As a side note, I’ve read through the Bible many times, and I don’t recall a single encounter with a female angel.

Perhaps, that’s why they chose women and not a female version of an angel.

What’s my point?

Beloved, God made us to be His family members…His children who reflect His design.

We are partakers of His Divine Nature more than any other created being.

While other beings reflect Him, we partake of Him.

Papa literally dwells within us in the form of the Holy Spirit.

We bear His Image… we look like our Papa.

We are co-mingled with Christ.

When you co-mingle something, you mix it together, thus rendering it impossible to see the distinct parts.

It boggles my mind to think that the person or essence of Jesus is blended into my essence.

He has blended my human spirit with His Holy Spirit.

He establishes my thoughts with His thoughts…and we can have some rather amusing conversations.

Here’s one example:

I asked Jesus for a glorified body that is a taller version of the one I have now. 

He replied, “don’t worry, you’re gonna be able to levitate.” 

Beloved, take advantage of all that is available to you even now.

Papa’s nature now is once again blended with yours…as He meant it to be from the beginning.

Rejoice in your uniqueness within His Creation.

Learn to hear His voice as He speaks in your spirit and through His Word.

His holy angels serve us as they serve Him.

The fallen angels or Watchers and their cohorts have no power over us.

Ours is the victory as we enjoy our restored relationship to Papa!


Robyn Henning

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