Are you familiar with the verse in John where Jesus says, “for whom the Son sets free, will be free indeed.”

It’s amazing, but do we believe it and live in its truth?

Guess who doesn’t want you to live like it’s true.

Exactly, Satan.

He wants you to think you are in bondage to whatever it is that is triggering you into imposter mode.

Beloved, for the believer, bondage is an illusion.

It’s a game of deception the enemy plays.

Do not play with the enemy.

Here’s the reality:

the moment you put your faith in Jesus and His shed blood to pay the penalty for sin, was the moment you were set free. 

Jesus took the keys to hell and death and unlocked your prison door.

Not only did He unlock it, He completely disabled the locking mechanism.

Satan cannot re-lock you in that prison cell of sin anymore.

But here is His strategy:

he will tempt, accuse and deceive you into imposter mode. Once you choose to function in your flesh, he will convince you that you are trapped and re-locked in your prison cell. 

That cell is familiar and feels safe.

Freedom feels great but scary because it’s new.

He wants us to feel trapped in the cell of shame, lust, anger, anxiety.

The reality is that we are free to get up and leave the cell anytime we choose to leave.

By faith, Jesus has set us free from sin and its power and authority over us.

We are free!

If we choose to indulge the flesh, it’s not because we aren’t free, it’s because we have set our minds on looking horizontally at this realm to meet our soul needs instead of looking vertical for all that Jesus is for us.

He truly is more than enough for all that we need.

Beloved, the choice that Adam made to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil has left us seeking affirmation from the womb that we are ‘good enough.’

More sooner than later, we will receive the message that we aren’t ‘good enough’ from those around us and rejection will lead to dysfunctional flesh.

Rejoice!  Jesus paid our debt and we are free from sin and striving to be ‘good enough’ to be accepted by God.

He has accepted us and declared us ‘good enough’ by faith in Jesus.

We are free from sin and our flesh!  Let’s choose to set our minds on the abundant life and love that we have in Jesus!

Robyn Henning