I hope you all enjoyed celebrating Resurrection Sunday with your loved ones.

It is something that we need to be mindful of year round.

Did you know that Jesus isn’t the only One who was resurrected that day?

Every one of us who have placed our faith in His shed blood to pay for our sin was resurrected that day too.

By faith, our lives have been co-mingled with His.

So, when He died to sin, we died to sin.

When He resurrected to God’s glory, we resurrected to God’s glory too.

We were taken out of Adam, and reborn into Jesus’ family.

Transformed by faith from sinners in Adam into saints in Christ Jesus.

Sin’s power over us was broken.  Hallelujah!

Now, you may ask, “that’s great, but why then do I still sin?”

That’s a great question.

Our battle now isn’t between our old Adam nature and our new Jesus nature.

The choice we are faced with each day is where we are going to set our minds.

The mind set on the flesh produces death or lack.

The mind set on the Spirit produces life and peace or abundance.

This is the walk of faith in the finished work of the cross.

Flesh is not a nature; it is something we learn.

We don’t learn our nature.

Dogs don’t have to be taught to be dogs; they dog naturally.

Flesh patterns vary from person to person based on what they learned from key relationships in their formative years.

These patterns will do one of two things: they will either seek to get affirmations and feel-goods in or they will act as shields to keep the feel-bads out.

The solution for flesh patterns is simply to choose to put them off and put on the mindset of Jesus.

Flesh always functions from the perceived lack so it looks to people, achievements and stuff to fill the void.

The problem is that there will always be lack with the flesh.

There is no life in the flesh.

Functioning with the mindset of Jesus is simply resting in God’s amazing love and acceptance of you.

Believing Him instead of the noise around you is key to functioning in the full flow of the Spirit and His abundant life.

Beloved, He really loves you.

He delights in you!

He proved in on the cross.

You have died with Him and been born again into His family.

When He rose from the grave, so did you!

He has given you His resurrection life.


Robyn Henning