How many of you are good at keeping records?

I mean book keeping records not the round vinyl things.

We all struggle at times with keeping records of wrongs done to us.

When someone wounds us or betrays us, the pain is real and sometimes deep.

The enemy loves to set up house in the pain that we store in our hidden chambers and he uses the pain to isolate us in bitterness.

He also will trigger the pain to get us to lash out as others in order to hurt them first or to keep them at a distance.

Pain can be used as a shield… a faulty shield, but a shield nonetheless to try to protect us from more pain.

Beloved, pain does one thing and one thing only…. it hurts…. us and those closest to us.

So, how do we break free from the pain.

Forgive those who have betrayed us.

Easy, right?  Not really.

Wounds produce grief.

Part of grieving is the process of releasing justice to God.

He is the only One who can sort it all out.

We want justice or retaliation…they need to pay.

The reality is that we are the ones paying, not the offender.

In Mark 11:25, Jesus teaches the disciples to sort through any wounds that need to be forgiven every time they stand to pray.  Why?

Unforgiveness leads to bondage to the enemy and hinders our fellowship with God.

We are called to forgive as we have been forgiven.

Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Our sins, iniquities and transgressions have all been erased from our book of life.

If we keep an account of wrongs done to us, it will keep us from connecting with the Spirit in our lives and Satan will have ground in our lives from which to attack and rob us of our peace and joy.

Beloved, let’s endeavor to keep short accounts and not let the sun go down on our anger or any other emotions coming from wrongs done against us.

Jesus is the only One who can carry our grief, sorrow and pain.

He knows what betrayal feels like.

He understands.

Forgive those who have betrayed you and walk on in the freedom of forgiveness.


Robyn Henning

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