Simple Faith

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How many of you have used the phrase, “you just have to have faith.”

Is that all it takes?  Really?

There is a bigger question though.

Who is your faith in?

I can say, “I have faith that the Phillies will win their division and that the Eagles will win the Super Bowl!” Seriously?

What good is it to have faith in fragile human beings?

It’s no good at all.

Faith is only as good or powerful as the object of the faith.

In Mark chapter 10  we meet a dude with no name.

He is only known as the son of Timaeus…. Bar (son of) Timaeus.

He is not ever referred to by his given name.

Was he that much of a messed up dude that no one would even speak his name?

In his request to Jesus, he states that he wants to regain his sight.

Ah, that means something happened to take away his sight.

Perhaps, he was deemed as sinful and so God took his sight and folks treated him as scum because of it.

It’s clear that people don’t like him.

He’s treated rudely as he cries out to Jesus.

Who is the son of Timaeus to speak to Jesus!

Shut up you wretch.

His culture, perhaps even his family, deem him useless since he lost his sight.

All he was good for was a few beggar’s coins.

Perhaps, his own family stripped him of his name.

This, of course, is all speculation on my part.

It will be interesting to hear more of his story on the other side.

When he cries out for mercy, he refers to Jesus as the Son of David.

This is a Messianic title.

It’s his declaration of faith.

Faith always gets heard by Jesus.

He beckons the dude to come to Him.

The dude tosses his cloak which he used to collect the alms aside.

This is another act of faith…. he’s not gonna need it anymore!

He approaches and Jesus asks him, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

He simply asks to regain his sight.

Jesus doesn’t spit on his eyes, put mud on his eyes, He doesn’t even touch him.

He doesn’t need to.

His testimony was enough… Son of David, have mercy on me.

Faith unleashes Jesus’ power in and through us.

The first person this dude saw was Jesus.

How awesome is that!

Beloved, simple faith is so powerful when Jesus is the object of our faith.



Robyn Henning


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