Well, Christmas is upon us.  How are you doing with all the hustle and bustle or stress of the season?

I know a number of you are facing  your first Christmas without a loved one just like I am.

So, it’s a season of adjustments and reminders of loss.

I will miss my mom’s presence and making a special breakfast for us.

But, I purposefully choose to set my mind on how happy she is with Jesus and my Dad and Billy.

That brings me great comfort.

I am also grateful to have my sister and her family close by to spend the day with so the loneliness is not in my face.

So, if you’re missing a loved one this Christmas, especially one who knew Jesus as their Savior, celebrate their life and the great memories of Christmases past and rejoice with them in how blessed they are to be with Jesus.

If we focus on our loss, our focus is on self and the grief will settle in.

When we focus on their gain, then we rejoice with them and experience the hope that Jesus gives to us of our soon reunion with Him and them.

This is a sure hope; there is no doubt about it.

Jesus willfully set aside all that He had in heaven to enter the womb of a teenage girl.

He developed as any baby would and went through the birthing process.

The Creator of the Universe was dependent on two young people to change His diaper, feed Him, burp Him, clean up puke, all of it.

He lost His dad when He was a teen and had to provide for His mom and siblings.

Then, at age 30, He started His ministry.

He had come to save the world, but was rejected and despised by men who condemned Him and nailed Him to a cross.

But, He didn’t stay dead.

His blood paid our penalty for sin and Papa accepted His sacrifice in our place and gave Him His life back.

He was born so that He could die and be resurrected giving us His life as we place our faith in Him.

This is the true gift of Christmas!

Life and hope in Jesus!

He’s coming soon to catch us up to be with Him and our loved ones who have gone before us.

Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

Robyn Henning

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