We are going to wrap up our look at Paul’s armor illustration in Ephesians 6 by looking at his personal prayer request.

He simply asks them to pray for him to have utterance and to be bold in proclaiming the gospel. 

What does he mean when he asks for utterance? 

It’s simply that he wants to speak the words that will clearly communicate the gospel to his hearers. 

Have you ever worried that you won’t know how to correctly answer someone’s question about God or His Word? 

Can you imagine Paul being concerned about this? 

I think his concern was focused on his words being from the Holy Spirit as he allowed the mind of Christ to establish his words and responses. 

This idea is the same thought behind Jesus’ encouragement to his disciples as He tells them not to worry about what they will say when they give an account before kings. 

Jesus promises them that the Holy Spirit will give them utterance… the right words to say at the right time. 

Folks this is a perfect example of the Spirit-filled life in action.

Now, Paul’s next request is for boldness. 

Seriously? How could he struggle with fear or timidity? 

I suppose that Satan would often remind him of his chains, being stoned and left for dead, being mocked… all sorts of suffering and hardship that he had already endured. 

I also imagine that his own flesh could make him hesitate.

Do I really need to suffer more? 

When we are walking after the flesh, we are concerned about self and preserving our personal peace and happiness. 

So, it’s only when we are walking after the Spirit that we will have the boldness to share the gospel and then endure whatever personal attacks that follow. 

So, just like us, Paul needed to be Spirit filled and Spirit led in sharing the gospel. 

So, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the boldness to let Him share the gospel through you. 


Robyn Henning

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