The Armor Series: The Helmet of Salvation

Did you ever wonder why would Paul put salvation and the helmet together?

What is the purpose of a helmet?

It protects a person’s head from concussions.

Football players, hockey players, baseball batters and many more sports players all wear helmets to protect them from head injuries.

But how does our salvation protect our head?

Well, what do we use our heads for?  right….thinking!

The majority of spiritual warfare takes place in our thinking.

Through the power of sin, Satan interjects thoughts into our minds in an effort to tempt, accuse and deceive us.

Our task is to capture these thoughts and destroy them by countering them with God’s Truth.

Here’s a key example:

No one can consistently act in a way that is inconsistent with his self-perception.

Why is this important?

Because at salvation, our identity was transformed by being taken out of Adam’s family through our co-crucifixion with Christ, being buried with Him, and then being born again into Christ’s family.

At salvation, we were changed from Sinners into Saints because our family of origin was changed from Adam’s family to Jesus’ family.

My choices do not define us; our family of origin does.

So, as saints, we want to act like Jesus.

We want to walk humbly in total dependence and obedience before God.

When we do choose to sin, it really bothers us, and we quickly repent and reset our minds on the Spirit to get back on the path of victory.

So, beloved, when we put on the helmet of Salvation, we are remembering our new identity in Christ.

We are Saints, holy ones, His beloved Children.

Let’s set our minds on this great news and the enemy will have no hold on us.




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  • Jay says:

    Wonderful! This is the very good news and I receive your words today to minister into my heart. God bless you sister for speaking truth in Christ. Thank you for the reminder God protects our minds and Jesus is our helmet of salvation. No matter the difficulties we face today. We want nothing more than to live out our lives in a manner which are pleasing to God, we turn our backs on sin and are forever thankful for the blood of Jesus which has washed us clean forever of our sins! Praise God for the Cross. The Cross worked and God gives us freely Jesus and its accomplishment. Thank you Lord for the helmet of our salvation.

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