Are you living out the new you or are you trapped in the old you and your flesh?

Many believers have little to know understanding that when Jesus was crucified so were we; when He was buried, so were we; when He resurrected, so were we.

Romans 6:4 calls us to walk in the newness of the Life that we now have in Jesus.

Our old man was crucified and we were born again as saints in Christ Jesus.

I know that these concepts are a bit nebulous.

Let me see if I can bring some practicality to them.

One of the most damaging concepts put forth as truth by humanistic psychology is that our identity comes from our behavior.

Hi, my name is Robyn and I am an addict or Manic Depressive.

Beloved, this is a big, fat lie from the enemy.

I am not defined by my choices or actions.

I am defined by my family of origin.

The first time I was born, I was born into Adam’s family.

That is what defined me as a sinner.

That is why I needed to be born again, because no sinner can enter the presence of the Holy One.

My sins were the reflection of a corrupted human nature under the mastery of sin.

No one has to learn to sin; we do it naturally.

This is why Jesus used the term ‘born again’ with Nicodemus.

Jesus knew that through faith in what He was going to do on the cross, we could join Him in death and resurrection.

We could be reborn into His family; we could be transformed from sinners to saints through faith in His shed blood and resurrection.

Beloved, in order to walk in newness of life, we need to break free from perceiving ourselves as we were in Adam, sinners; and start rejoicing in the new life and identity that we have in Jesus.

We are saints in Christ Jesus!

We cannot consistently walk in a manner that is inconsistent without we see ourselves. 

If we see ourselves as sinners, we will stay trapped in sin and our flesh; if we set our minds on truth: that we are saints by faith in Christ Jesus, sin will lose its power over us and we will walk in newness of life and in victory.

Beloved, let’s choose everyday to rejoice in the new life we have as saints in Christ Jesus as His life flows in us and through us each day!


Robyn Henning


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