Have you ever read in John 14:15 “if you love me, you will obey me,” and come away feeling even more ashamed?

In church, we have been looking at what love really is according to God’s Word.

This concept came up and my Pastor shared that the Lord is trying to convey the idea that the more we rest in His perfect love for us the more empowered we are by His love to choose to do what He tells us to do.

This is the primary reason Satan seeks to undermine our faith in God’s love for us.

He used that strategy in the garden with Adam and Eve, and it’s still an effective strategy for him today.

Beloved, it is a lot easier to walk in step with Jesus when we are resting in His love for us.

He is enough.

His love is enough.

The more we trust Him wholeheartedly the less we will lean on our own understanding and get sucker punched by the enemy.

Whenever we opt for our own way, we are not resting in His perfect love.

The enemy presents his alternative which always leads to bondage.

It may ‘taste good’ but it is poison for the soul.

Let’s stop as ask the Lord:

  • “Lord Jesus, what lies am I believing about Your love for me?”
  • “What am I ashamed of that is keeping me at a distance from You?”
  • “Lord Jesus, how do You see me?”

Note His responses in your mind.

Ask Him to speak truth to the lies.

Give over the shame to Him.

Claim what He speaks over you about who you are in His eyes.

Beloved, He really, really loves you.

His perfect love casts out all fear, which is another favorite weapon of the enemy.

Satan knows that fear and love cannot coexist.

If we are giving place to fear, we are not living in His love.

“Lord Jesus, where did I open the door to fear?

Whatever comes to mind, confess and renounce it.

Then, kick it out, shut the door and receive what Jesus offers you in its place.

Beloved, rest in His love which makes it easy to obey Him and enjoy Him.

Robyn Henning

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  • Aaron says:

    “What am I ashamed of that is keeping me at a distance from You?”

    This is true in the sense that we assume there is now a distance between ourselves and our Savior because of our failures.

    But the truth is that he never leaves us and this distance “feeling” is but another tactic of the enemy to get us focused on our performance rather than God’s Love which reminds us whose we are and dispels the lies.