Have you had your faith tested in 2020?

Most of us would say, “Yes” to that question.

I was thinking through the struggle we all face each day as the battle between our flesh and the Spirit takes place.

Why is it so hard to choose to obey the Lord’s directives?

There are two primary opponents warring against our walking in the Spirit…. our flesh and the enemy.

In order to win, we need to Know the Word, but then we need to apply faith to what we know.

Our choices reflect the object of our faith.

Jesus is described in Philippians 2 as having an attitude of total surrender and obedience to the Father even to the point of dying on the cross.

This is the attitude and faith that we are called to have as well.

You’ve heard me harp on the fact that Jesus kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously in order to get through the trial and the cross.

Likewise, in our everyday walk with Him, we are called to rest in faith in Him as the Spirit directs us through the Word and through the mind of Christ in us.

I love the picture portrayed in Isaiah 30:21 of the Spirit telling us to turn right or left as He guides us in our walk with him.

The trouble we get into is when we doubt His directions.

When we listen to fear and unbelief instead of the mind of Christ, we become the object of our faith instead of Him, and we make choices that are not inline with His will.

His discipline will follow because He is a loving Father.

A few blogs ago, I talked about how unbelief will keep us from entering into His rest.

Beloved, unbelief leads to disobedience.

The Israelites are the best example of that in their wanderings in the wilderness.

God wants to see us in the Promised Land, but He will test our faith along the way.

He wants us to learn to trust Him fully, so that no matter what He directs us to do, our response is simply, “Yes,” because we know that He loves us.

Love and obedience go together.

When we rest in His love, we will obey Him.

Our obedience is the evidence of our love for Him.

If your faith is wavering, ask the Lord to show you what lie the enemy has sold you on against the faithfulness of God.

Confess it, renounce it, declare the truth and then reclaim the ground that the enemy is claiming in your life for believing his lies.

Humble yourself before the Lord.

Rest in His unfailing love.


Robyn Henning