Do you ever feel like the enemy has you trapped in the sin / confess, sin / confess cycle?

As I was chewing on this concept, the Lord showed me that it is the same strategy the enemy has been using since the first time he targeted Adam and Eve.

“You can decide for yourselves what’s good and what’s evil. You can be judge… as God.”

How do we thwart this strategy and break this cycle?

Replace it with Submit / Resist.

First, I must realize and accept the reality that I do not have the capacity or position to evaluate or judge situation or people in my own understanding.

I do not know what is good or evil.

It is not my job to discern between the two.

That task belongs to the Lord alone.

So, as I go through life I need to be asking the Lord for His evaluation on situations and people.

Just this week, He showed me that grief is the byproduct of my judgments instead of seeking His judgments.

Because I cannot know or see all that He knows and sees, I cannot accurately assess situations or people.

I cannot know the thoughts and intents of the hearts of people, so I cannot truly judge anyone.

However, because my mind and Jesus’ mind are co-mingled, I can ask Him for His assessment.

Enter the God Ask questions!

  • Lord Jesus, what is your take on this situation?
  • Why is that the case?
  • And, what else do I need to know?

Asking these questions and receiving His answers aligns me with His mind.

As I submit to His will, I am empowered by the Spirit to resist the temptation to be as God and decide what’s good for me or assess someone else, etc.

Resisting the enemy always results in him fleeing.

So, defeating the strategies of the enemy boils down to asking God for His assessment and then choosing to submit to it.

As I stand firm in my faith in God’s goodness and judgment, I resist the enemy’s tactics and he flees.

Instead of grief, I experience His joy and peace.

I’ll take that any day!

Robyn Henning