I was just relaxing and catching up on the recent posts on Facebook when I saw a US weather map forecasting the upcoming winter.  I should never have clicked on the article.

It spoke of a winter that was going to surpass all previous winters for cold and snowfall.  All of the trauma and agony of this past winter triggered forward from my subconscious.  Fear, anxiety and depression flooded my soul.

I started contemplating buying a generator for when we lost power.  Seriously, it’s only September!  The leaves are still on the trees!  I haven’t even eaten a single piece of pumpkin pie yet!

I let a spirit of fear settle into my soul and overwhelm my thoughts.

In this week’s Nugget video, I look at how easy it is to succumb to fear, and how to get free again through the work of the Holy Spirit.

I hope it encourages you to take your thoughts captive and to seek the filling of the Holy Spirit!




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