How do storms make you feel?

Some folks love to snuggle up and listen to the storm roll through; others curl up in fear and pray until it’s over.

Life’s storms can have the same effect on us.

Satan has his purposes for storms.

He wants to cripple us with fear, anxiety and unbelief.

God has a different purpose for storms.

He wants us to learn to anchor our souls in Him.

I recently went through an intense squall which hit me with waves of grief.

In order to ride it out, I had to drop anchor so to speak.

I really had to press into the Lord and use anchor verses to set my mind on truth over and over again.

One anchor verse that I use is Isaiah 54:5:

“My Maker is my Husband, His name is the Lord of Hosts.”

And, the other one that I clung to was a very well known verse, Psalm 23:1:

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”

I kept declaring God’s Husbandry over me and the fact that because He is my Shepherd, I lack for nothing.

In Journey Tools, we emphasize the contrast between a scarcity and abundant mindset.

Scarcity says, “I lack.”

And, off we go looking to get perceived needs met apart from the Lord.

This results in bondage to the flesh and the enemy.

When we anchor our mind, emotions and will in the truth that we have no lack because we have all that we need in Jesus, the attempts of the enemy to deceive us into pursuing the flesh fail.

Beloved, this is not always easy.

But, having verses that anchor our souls to the Truth will carrying us through life’s storms.

What storms are you facing?

Maybe they are broken relationships, health issues, or financial setbacks.

In either case, ask the Spirit to bring to mind verses you can use to anchor your soul to Truth and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart in Him.

Storms are not fun that’s for sure, but they serve a purpose.

They strengthen our faith and anchor us to Him.

He is the One who calms the storms.

He did so through speaking the Word.

Speak His Word; cling to His Word and He will calm the storms in your life.

Robyn Henning