How many of you have had to make a quick decision?

What do you usually do?

Shoot up a prayer?

Lord, give me wisdom!

I was reading in Nehemiah when lo and behold, I saw what we call a God Ask.

Here’s the scene:

Nehemiah had received word from his brother that Jerusalem was still in ruins with broken down walls.

This meant that there was no security, and its enemies could rule over it.

This greatly grieved Nehemiah.

He was the King’s Cupbearer.

This was an honored and trusted position.

He was allowed in the King’s presence, and it was his job to make sure that whatever the Kind drank was safe to drink.

To be sad in the King’s presence was an insult.

However, Nehemiah couldn’t hide his sadness.

Perhaps, that is one of the reasons he was cupbearer.

He couldn’t fake his heart.

What you saw, was what you got….. sincerity and genuineness.

But, his heart was broken over the news of Jerusalem, and he couldn’t fake happy.

The King saw this and called him out on it.

Nehemiah was afraid, because it could have been construed that he wasn’t happy being cupbearer and just maybe what was in the cup wasn’t safe to drink… and off with his head.

So, Nehemiah gives a quick explanation of the situation of his homeland, and because the King knows that he is sincere, he believes him and asks how he can help.

What does Nehemiah do? He asks God….really quickly.

God answers, and His plan unfolds from there.

Nehemiah did not lean on his own understanding.

He asked God and he acted without fear on what God told him to do.

Beloved, we have an even greater opportunity than Nehemiah did because as believers in Jesus, we have been given the Spirit of God to counsel and guide us and teach us.

I know I am preaching to myself more than anyone.

There is not a single decision that Jesus doesn’t care about…He wants us to engage Him in everything.

Let’s purposefully build the habit of Asking God for His wisdom…not His opinion in everything.

This is the mindset that is in Christ Jesus spoken of by Paul in Philippians 2.

It is the abundant mindset because it is how we tap into all that is ours in Christ Jesus for the glory of the Father.


Robyn Henning

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