Have you ever heard the saying, “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives?”

There’s truth in that of course, but it’s usually said when someone is really fed up with the dysfunction in their family.

We certainly cannot pick our parents, but what if we knew that our parents picked us?

Well, sometimes that doesn’t even go as we would choose.

But, consider this:

Every human being is born into the family of Adam.

This means that we are born with a human nature infected with this thing called sin.

By nature, we want to do what we want to do, when we want to do it, and we don’t want anyone telling us otherwise.

That’s called pride.

It’s this unholy, corrupted nature that separates us from God from the moment of conception.

Know this, God could have condemned us all to hell and been completely justified.

But, He created Adam and Eve for the purpose of having a big family.

So, He put a rescue plan in motion.

He used Eve to send Jesus to pay the penalty for the Sin of Adam and all Mankind.

In doing so, He made it possible for us to be ‘adopted’ into Jesus’ family.

When someone is adopted they take on the identity of their new family.

The old has passed away, the new family identity has taken its place.

So, when we accepted Jesus as our Savior by faith we are taken out of Adam’s family and adopted into Jesus’ family.

Our old identity as sinners in Adam, is replaced with our new identity as saints in Christ Jesus.

Every believer in Jesus is chosen by God to be His child.

So, whether you have a crazy, dysfunctional biological family or even a crazy, adopted family, as a child of God, you have been chosen by God Himself to be His son or daughter.

He Himself has chosen you to be re-identified as His child.

Gone is your past!

Jesus’ past takes its place because His shed blood has made it possible for it to be replaced with the very life (past, present and future) of Jesus Christ.

He now dwells in your body, soul and spirit.  His life and yours are co-mingled.

That is so cool!

So, if the enemy tries to convince you that you are unloved and unwanted, tell him to shut up, because the King of Kings has chosen you to be His child.

He loves you and wanted you so much that he sent Jesus to die for you, so that he could adopt you into His family.


Robyn Henning

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