I want to encourage you this week to DO Nothing….. WITHOUT JESUS.

Let Jesus be your source of Life Strength for everything you do from the most mundane task like taking a shower to the most Spiritual like reading your Bible.

Jesus so delights in you that He wants you to be constantly aware of His Presence through the Holy Spirit as you go about your day.

Building this awareness can come from simply saying or thinking,

“Thank you for doing this through me, “ or “I can’t but you can Lord.”

When you think this way, you are cultivating the garden of your mind to grow the fruit of the Spirit…love, joy, peace…

You are also practicing what Jesus taught in John 15…. you are abiding in Jesus and His love for you.

Beloved, as His children, we are to be actively passive.

How’s that for an oxymoron!

We are to actively engage our environment with the attitude of total dependence on Jesus to express His life through our personality.

You will find that setting your mind on Jesus living in you and through you, will empower you to speak words of grace that edify those around you.

You will experience the peace and joy of His presence even when life is going crazy around you.

So, beloved, I challenge you to practice doing NOTHING… without Jesus this week and you will see Him express Himself through you at home, work and ever where He leads you.


Robyn Henning

(This was first posted in Sept. 2014.  I am re-posting it because YouTube has seen fit for some reason to remove all my videos from 2015 and older.)

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