Many years ago, when I was struggling with the fear of losing my parents, the Lord clearly spoke into my spirit,

“Robyn, behind all fear is unbelief.” 

That was an ‘aha’ moment to say the least. 

I learned that if I was allowing fear to rule my emotions, I was not setting my mind on the truth. 

Remember that fear is at the top of Satan’s strategy list for how to paralyze us. 

It’s just like the sound of a roaring lion who uses his terrifying roar to paralyze his prey with fear so he can devour them. 

Thankfully, as Christians, Satan cannot do whatever he wants to us. 

If he could, we’d all be dead already. 

Beloved, there is only one legitimate fear object and that’s God Himself.

And that good news is, He is our Papa and He loves us. 

He’s told us in Romans 8 that nothing can separate us from His love because we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us. 

Nothing in this realm can change that….not even death. 

Now, that being said it can be quite challenging in our daily lives not to give into fear and its triggers. 

I still have  list of ways I do not want to die…I don’t want to be eaten by anything, drowning, cancer…and I’m sure I can think of a few more. 

However, the reality is that the day I die is the best day of my life here on earth because it’s the day I get to see Jesus face to face for the first time. 

I am all for that! 

Still, I’d rather that happen through the rapture. 

What are some ways that Satan roars at us? 

One of his absolute favorites is introducing thoughts into our mind that start with what if.  

“What if I lose my job,” “What if I get cancer,” What if my spouse cheats on me,” “What if my kids use drugs.” 

The list is endless. 

How do we combat this? 

By catching the what ifs and taking them captive and asking the Spirit to speak truth to the what if

Then, we have to choose to believe God and walk on in faith that whatever the what if is, God has it in His control and that His love will overcome all circumstances in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones. 

Satan’s other two primary strategies are accusation and deception. 

He can use both of those to trap us in fear if we are not standing in faith on God’s truth. 

Fear and faith in God’s love for us cannot coexist. 

So, no matter what strategy Satan launches at us, when we stand in faith in God’s love, fear cannot paralyze us. 

Beloved, God wants us to live in the freedom and victory that faith in His love for us brings. 

If fear has you in its grip, ask the Spirit to show you where you’ve believed the lie that God can’t be trusted or that God doesn’t love you. 

Then renounce that lie and proclaim the truth of God’s faithful love as often as Satan comes at you.


Robyn Henning

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