Imagine that you’ve just had your best day ever at work for your family’s business. 

You scored your biggest bonus or commission ever.

Now you can pay off your credit cards, mortgage, student loans, take a great vacation… there are all sorts of possibilities, right? 

Now, imagine that Jesus calls you to walk away from your business and follow him. 

Would you do it? 

Peter, James and John did just that.  

Jesus had been preaching in the synagogue of Capernaum for several Sabbaths. 

They found His message intriguing because he spoke with authority unlike the other Rabbis. 

Peter witnessed Jesus heal his mother-in-law from a high fever along with many other healings. 

Then, they saw Jesus cast out many demons too which was unheard of before. 

So, after a long, unsuccessful night of fishing, business partners, Peter, James and John, were washing their nets as Jesus approached. 

He asked them to use their boat as a floating speaking platform. 

When He finished His lesson, He told Peter to sail out to deep water and cast out their nets. 

Peter was like, “Sir, we’ve fished all night with no catch, but since You asked, we’ll do it.” 

In no time at all, the hauled in their biggest catch ever; it was so big that they called for the second boat to come and help. 

There were so many fish on both boats that they almost sank! 

What did Peter do when he got to shore? 

He fell before Jesus and confess his sinfulness and unworthiness to be in the Presence of Jesus. 

Jesus calmed his fears and spoke prophetically over Peter that from that point on he will be catching men. 

All three men left the biggest catch of fish they had ever seen and followed Jesus. 

Later, Peter would say, “We’ve left everything to follow You.” 

He was right. 

Meeting Jesus, changed their whole world. 

Someone/something bigger than anything they had ever seen was happening, and it was more important than their livelihood. 

After Jesus’ death, these men return to their fishing trade. 

But, who do they encounter as they return from catching no fish?  Jesus. 

He tells them to cast their nets out on the right side of the boat.

They do so, and immediately, they catch a huge number of fish. 

Peter realizes that it’s Jesus and swims to shore. 

There is no mention of them ever going back to fishing in the book of Acts. 

What’s my point?  They realized that Jesus was their source of Life, not fishing. 

So, they left their livelihood to pursue the One that really gave them life. 

Are we willing to set aside all that we mistakenly look to for life to surrender to following the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life? 

I know that I am, I hope you are too!


Robyn Henning

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