Going for Gold

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My mom and I have been watching the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

There are lots of great human interest stories of athletes who have worked so hard and overcome adversities in an effort to win a gold medal.

Tears of joy are often shed on the medal podium.

Being a counselor, I have to wonder how long their emotion high lasts and what their corresponding emotional swing looks like.

I would be thinking, “Now what?”  That’s it? A piece of medal?

These athletes compete for a prize that is so very temporal.

Paul was familiar with competition much like the Olympics of his day.

He pondered the point of the sacrificial training the athletes put in to win a wreath worn on their heads that perished quickly.

Paul challenges believers to think of the Christian walk like a marathon race which, in contrast, has an imperishable crown of glory.

Beloved, let us learn to set our minds on Jesus in us expressing His life through us for His glory.

How do we do this?  It is really quite simple.

First, we must humble ourselves and acknowledge that without Him we can do nothing.

All our self-efforts amount to nothing.

All that we do in our own strength, no matter how spiritual it looks, will be consumed by the Refiner’s fire.

In contrast, all that we do with the mindset of total dependence of Jesus doing it through us will pass through the fire and will be given to us as a reward for our service.

Heavenly gold is far more valuable than earthly gold!

Beloved, each one of us has the opportunity to stand on God’s podium and receive His version of gold medals even for the mundane tasks of life.

As I write this, I am hearing reports on the passing of Dr. Billy Graham.

I am sure his reward is great in heaven not so much because of his preaching but more for his humble dependence and submission to Jesus.

So, which would you rather have an Olympic gold medal or a heavenly gold medal?

Know this: all that we do with the mindset of “Thank You, Jesus, for doing this through me” will pass through Papa’s Refiner’s fire and will be given to us as eternal treasure.

So, let us press on and not grow weary in following Jesus and allowing Him to do all things through us for His glory!


Robyn Henning

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