I’ve heard many interviews with major league baseball players who take the time to thank their coaches from as far back as little league. 

Why do they do this? 

They realize that even a little league coach had a profound impact on their development into a major league player. 

Just this week, I found myself reflecting back on my youth and the people who had a profound impact on my walk with the Lord. 

I remember an incident in Youth Group where a young man showed tremendous disrespect for the Bible. 

It upset our Youth Pastor so much, that he not only publicly rebuked the young man, but he was in tears and abruptly ended the meeting. 

His demonstration of love and respect for God’s Word stuck with me. 

I don’t recall ever thanking him for that.

So, Phil, thank you for what you did there.

It really resonated with me. 

Your work as Youth Pastor at Church of the Open Door is still bearing fruit. 

Recently, I shared with a client that the Lord put it on my heart at the age of 16 to learn to feed myself from the Word. 

I did not want to depend on someone else to ‘feed me.’ 

Then, at a secular university of places, He connected me with a campus ministry that equipped me to study the Word and to teach it to others. 

There were so many people who poured into me over those four years and laid the foundation for what I do now here at ELM. 

Shortly, after I graduated, a Pastor at the church I was attending offered a biblical counseling course, so I went. 

That Pastor was Ken Keeler. 

He was the one who first taught me the Exchanged Life and connected me with the Colorado ministry where I would do my training. 

He also connected me with his mentor, Glen Rosenberger, with whom I would work for the first 5 years of counseling ministry. 

So, Ken, thank you. 

It’s been so cool how the Lord has brought it full circle for you to be part of ELM Philly. 

So, beloved, take the time to reflect on the key people that God has used in your life to develop what He’s doing in and through you. 

And, if possible, thank them and encourage them that their efforts long ago are still bearing fruit for God’s glory!


Robyn Henning

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  • Linda Austin says:

    Let me follow your example and thank the person in my past that had the most impact on my spiritual life. That would be you. While people were pouring into you in college, you were pouring into me. As a brand new follower of Christ I knew very little. You gave me my first study bible, taught me how to read it, showed me what real prayer looked like and how to serve others. You protected me from false teaching and showed me unconditional love. I am so grateful that God put you in my life at that time. Love you for eternity-

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