There was some big news out this past week from Israel.

They have a red heifer!

How is that big news….what is a heifer?

A heifer is a young, female cow that has never been bred and never borne the yoke.

In Numbers 19, God directs Israel to take a red heifer that is without spot or blemish and sacrifice it outside the camp.

The blood was then sprinkled toward the tent of meeting in God’s presence seven times.

Then, the priest would oversee the burning of the body along with cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet material.

Once the body was consumed, the ashes were gathered and added to water which would then be sprinkled on those seeking purification for sins.

In Israel’s history there have been 9 red heifers.

This one, if it doesn’t sprout and white hair, will make number 10.  So what?

It’s the last piece of what they need to be ready to institute worship as in the days of Moses.

But, here’s what I find most interesting.

The religious Jews are looking for Messiah to come at any moment.

The red heifer is a type of Messiah. 

Remember that a ‘type’ is a form of unspoken prophecy in that it is an event, person , or institution that foreshadows something that will come, but which isn’t revealed until after the fact.

Let’s look at just of few of the parallels between the red heifer and Messiah.

The red heifer had to be pure red (the Hebrew word for red (Edom) is very close to the word for Adam).

Jesus came to be the second Adam and was without sin.

The red heifer has sacrificed outside the camp; Jesus was sacrificed outside the camp.

They used cedar, hyssop and scarlet in the ceremony; Jesus was likely crucified on a cedar cross, was given sour wine using a hyssop reed while on the cross and He was forced to wear a scarlet robe by the soldiers.

The blood of the red heifer was sprinkled 7 times; Jesus completely paid the penalty for sin.

The blood mixed with water was used purify people from sin; Jesus’ blood and the washing of the water of the Word cleanses believers.

So, beloved, rejoice with me in the finished work of Jesus and His shed blood.

He has fulfilled the prophecy of the red heifer.

Also, join with me that the eyes of many Jews will see Him as their Messiah now, so that they can avoid the time of Jacob’s trouble that is approaching.


Robyn Henning


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