Memorial Day in America,  it’s a day to pause and remember those who have given their lives to preserve our freedom. 

Sadly, for many the first thought is of hamburger and hot dogs. 

But, remembering those who have gone before us and sacrificed so much for to be able to enjoy these picnics is so very important. 

All throughout the Old and New Testaments we are told to remember things that God has done so that we make good choices in the present. 

Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it. 

And that’s not always good. 

In the book of Judges, we see the pattern of Israel forgetting the LORD and serving Baal. 

This always led them into bondage to the nations around them. 

Eventually, they would remember the LORD and cry out for deliverance and the LORD would send them a new judge to led them to freedom….until they forgot the LORD the next time. 

This pattern it recorded in the books of Kings and Chronicles as well. 

Israel and Judah’s failure to remember the LORD their God and to worship Him led to their exile from the Promised Land. 

However, God did not forget them. 

Even today, the Lord has restored Israel to their land as He foretold through Ezekiel. 

In the New Testament, we are told by Jesus at the last supper to partake of the bread and the cup in remembrance of Him and His crucifixion. 

Why?  If we lose sight of all that He accomplished by shedding His blood on the cross to pay the penalty for sin, we will, like Israel, start to follow other gods. 

It was His shed blood that not only made our redemption possible, but it also placed us in a position of victory and authority over our adversary. 

Jesus has won the greatest war ever fought…. the war between YHWH and Lucifer. 

So, today as we remember the people who have so valiantly made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our great country, let us also remember the greatest sacrifice of all that Jesus made for us on the cross. 

Thank you to all our men and women in our military and more importantly, thank You, Lord Jesus for dying on the cross to redeem us from sin and transform us into Your children for Your glory!


Robyn Henning

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