Have you been watching the Olympics from Rio?

I have, and I was excited to hear the testimony of two US athletes who won the silver medal for men’s synchronized diving.

Both David Boudia and Steele Johnson indicated that it was because they understood their identity in Christ that they were able to be at peace and enjoy their performance.

You see, they knew that their performance does not define them, Jesus does.

This understanding helped them to relax and trust Jesus to dive through them without worrying about the result.

They both knew that in God’s eyes they already had been victorious because they were resting in His love and acceptance no matter the result of their performance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace and joy in every task we face?

It’s possible for every believer, but the key is to rest in our new identity in Christ instead of falling into the worldly trap of defining and valuing ourselves based on the outcome of our performance.

Beloved, because we are in Christ, we are all winners.  Why?  Because Jesus has already gained the ultimate victory.

He lives in us; and we live in Him.  His victory is our victory.

So, relax and enjoy His life flowing in you and through you.

By faith, receive His love and acceptance every day.

Set your mind, just like these men did, on this reality, and you will experience Jesus’ peace as you let Him do all things through you for His glory.

If you want to see NBC’s interview with David and Steele, I have it posted on ELM’s facebook page.



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