It’s happening!

All around the country especially on university campuses the revival wave is surging.

The enemy’s plot to destroy our country and mankind is backfiring.

It’s waking people up including young adults to search for meaning in their lives beyond the things of this world.

The University of Tennessee is the latest to report students coming to faith in Jesus and being baptized.

I heard a report from a church in Texas where they held an outreach event that drew a variety of opponents of the gospel.

They loved on these people and these folks repented, put their faith in Jesus and were baptized the same day.

These were people who openly sided with the enemy!

They came to cause problems and left transformed.

God is on the move doing battle on our behalf against the forces of darkness.

His victory is sure and we get to partner with Him by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As believers we need to be ready to minister to these folks by sharing their new identity in Christ.

They will need healing from emotional wounds and detoxing from partnerships with enemy forces.

Our ministry will play a vital role in help these folks heal and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

Take heart beloved!

While our country looks like it’s on the brink of demise, God is thwarting the enemy’s plans, exposing dark agendas and bringing countless folks to saving faith in Jesus.

Actor Russell Brand just got baptized after a long search for meaning in life.

He studied all the major religions and drank in all the world said would make him happy.

He found no answers until He met Jesus.

He just published a video testifying of the powerful experience he had when He was baptized.

He has a lot of growing to do, but praise the Lord for his testimony of faith in Jesus.

The Lord told me in 2020 that He was repositioning me to SC for the coming revival.  I am excited!

The Spirit is ready to be unleashed full force to draw people into His Kingdom.

Here we go!

Robyn Henning