As many of you know by now, my mom, Emma Henning, got to see Jesus face to face for the first time on January 18th at around 10:30pm. 

She also got to see her son, Billy, for the first time in 44 years and to see my dad again after 4 years of separation. 

Her rapid decline started on Monday of that week when she had episodes of extreme shortness of breath. 

I had to make the difficult decision to start her on low dose morphine to help relax her breathing. 

By Thursday she was bed bound and Friday she was unresponsive. 

She passed very peacefully surrounded by people who really loved her. 

My tears flowed early in the week as I braced for what was clearly coming.

  I thanked the LORD for such a wonderful, loving mother and cried as I released her to Jesus. 

I love her too much to hold on to her. 

The comfort that I have found is many fold. 

She is so very happy to see Jesus and be with Billy and Dad and many other friends and family who put their faith in Jesus’ blood to pay for their sins.

She is talking with Dr. Barclay Rile, the veterinarian who she worked for in her youth and who would later lead her to the Lord. 

If that had not happened, I don’t know if I would have been born into a Christian family  and heard the gospel at age 7 when I put my faith in Jesus.

Her faith was indeed the catalyst for the rest of my family coming to know Jesus as Savior. 

So, not only was she the one who birthed me, but she played a major role in my being born again and moving on into ministry. 

I will forever be in her debt.  

Over the last 3 years of her decline which anchored me at home to care for her, I’ve had many people marvel at my willingness to set my life aside to care for her. 

This has always struck me as a bit odd. 

My mom and I had a great relationship; we were best friends.

We showed each other unconditional love. 

Sure there were times when I wished I could have taken a vacation, but then I would think, “Which would I rather have: a week’s vacation somewhere or another week with my mom?” 

Mom was the obvious choice. 

I thank the Lord for every day I had with her, and I thank Him that she is so happy now in heaven. 

But, I’m even more thankful that someday soon I hope I will see Jesus face to face along with her, Dad and Billy and a long list of others who have gone before me. 

I have this confidence simply because of my faith in the blood of Jesus which has atoned for my sins. 

At age 7, I knew that I had sinned and that God was holy. 

I had missed the mark and could never be good enough to stand before Him on my own merits. 

I also understood that this is why Jesus came and died on the cross….to pay for my sins and to give me His righteousness. 

I don’t remember anything from age 7 except the moment I accepted Jesus and the Holy Spirit caused me to be born again as a child of God. 

Beloved, if you’ve never placed your faith in Jesus and asked Him to be your Lord and Savior, why not do that now? 

The time is short.  He is coming for His Bride very soon. 

Be ready!

Robyn Henning

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  • Jean Thoma says:

    A beautiful tribute to your Mom, Robyn. I love hearing her and your testimony. An encouragement and blessing for all who read/hear your message.

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