How do you react to storms?

Some folks like to curl up with a hot drink and watch the show out the window.  Others want to hide under their bed covers.

I have to admit that after being without power for 5 days because of Hurricane Sandy, I wince when I hear that a storm is in the forecast.

But, storms come in a variety of formats not just the weather.

Life storms can include illness, death of a loved one, financial crisis – both personal and global, wars and rumors of wars… all of these create stress in our lives.

So, how do we navigate these storms without letting fear drive us to panic?

I think that the key is to stay aware of our connection to Jesus.

He was really good at staying calm in storms.  They didn’t faze Him at all.

Why?  Well, He knew who was really in control and that nothing could separate Him from His Father.

Beloved, is there anything that can take Jesus out of us or us out of Jesus?  Nope.  Not even death!  We should  not even fear death.

The day we die is the best day of our lives.  It’s the day we start to really live life as God intended for us in the beginning.

So, when storms arise, remember that we are sheltered in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.

While the storm rages, He will keep us safe in Him.

Choose not to be offended by the storm.  It can’t really hurt us because it cannot separate us from Jesus.

I’m not saying to ignore the storms; I am saying that we need to stop seeing them as a threat.

The only genuine threat to  believers is something that can sever our connection to Jesus.

There isn’t anything that can do that!

We live in Jesus’ perfect love, and His love picks up fear and throws it out of our lives.

Satan wants to paralyze us with fear.

But, when we remember how safe we truly are in Christ, he loses fear as a weapon to use against us.

Beloved, set your mind on Christ in you navigating the storms through you, and you will experience His peace and calm even when the storms of life are raging around you.


Robyn Henning