Have you ever experienced a time when you knew that change is on the horizon, but you have no idea what it is going to look like?  

How does it make you feel?  Excited, intrigued, scared, insecure, depressed. 

It can trigger a wide array of emotions. 

I am currently in one of those seasons, and the enemy knows it, and he has been relentless in his efforts to ensnare me with anxiety and fear.

It has not been fun, but it has been fruitful. 

It’s been refining my faith in my Papa’s love for me. 

I am one who likes to have a plan going into anything. 

It makes me feel safe to have an idea what’s ahead and be prepared for it. 

I don’t like to wing things, but I have learned to be more flexible and adjust to unanticipated situations. 

That said, since my mom’s passing, I am frequently asked about my housing situation. 

Are you going to sell that house?  Where are you going to live?  Are you going to stay in ministry? 

These are all questions that I just can’t fully answer. 

Why?  Because I am not in control of anything except me. 

So, the enemy loves for me to see how quickly the estate funds are dwindling and how I’ve had to take a pay cut and panic over what lies ahead. 

As I was talking to the Lord about this battle, He reminded me about what Paul wrote in Philippians where Paul talked about knowing how to live in abundance and in need. 

The key is drawing on the life and strength of Jesus in me at all times not matter what I am facing. 

Truly, I can do all things… live in all kinds of circumstances through Jesus who is my strength. 

I find it critically important for me to set my mind on God’s faithfulness and love for me. 

I have no idea what’s ahead for me, but He does…and that’s good enough for me. 

I don’t know how He’s going to provide for me, but he does…that’s good enough for me. 

Beloved, what uncertainty are you facing? 

He’s already there working it out. 

Simply, draw on His strength in you flowing through you to walk one step at a time as you see His plan unfold. 

Our journey with Him teaches us about His great love for us and His power at work in us for His glory.


Robyn Henning

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  • ANITA BEILES says:

    HEY Robin….know you from Perkasie. Am needing something for burnout. Not sure what archive would be most helpful. Suggestions? Praying for you! Thanks. Anita

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