Do you struggle with fear?

It is a powerful emotion, and one that Satan utilizes in his efforts to paralyze us.

In contrast, when we are with someone that we know loves us, are we afraid of that person?  Of course not!

Why?  Because our confidence in their love for us leaves no room for fear.

You see, fear and love cannot coexist; they repel each other.

When the fruit of God’s love is fully grown in our hearts, fear is kicked out; there is no place for it in our hearts.

However, not every believer has learned to rest in God’s love and grace.

Instead, they are caught in the mode of trying to perform by keeping a list of dos and don’ts hoping to please God through their performance rather than resting in his love.

Satan seizes the opportunity to tempt, accuse and deceive them into believing that God is so very disappointed with them because of their mistakes.

On top of that, Satan convinces them that they are one sin away from a lightning bolt.

I used to live there when I was a teenager because I didn’t understand God’s love and grace.

The truth is that the moment a person accepts Jesus as their Savior is the same moment that His blood purifies them from ALL of their sins and transgressions: past, present and future.

Now, that is not permission to continue to live in sin.

No, it’s permission to live in His love and grace.

We are no longer under the Law; so, punishment is not awaiting us.

Remember that punishment is the result of breaking a law; discipline is God’s way of teaching us to choose to walk in step with Him and is always motivated by His love for us.

If you are afraid God is going to zap you, the reality is that you have not fully understood His great love for you.

Remember living under the Law empowers sin to tempt you; living in His grace teaches you to say “NO” to ungodliness.

Beloved, choose each day to thank God for His great love for you; receive His love by faith, and you will see fear lose its place in your life.