September 2020 ELM Newsletter SPECIAL EDITION!

By September 12, 2020Exchanged Life Truths

Ministry Update

Greetings once again in the name of our blessed Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!  Have you been feeling grief over the loss of ‘normal’ thanks to this crazy Covid thing?  I know I have! I have cycled through all 5 stages of grief over the last few months.

Grief can be triggered by so many situations….the loss of a loved one or pet, the loss of a job, the death of a dream and so much more!  This is one of the reasons that my colleague, Donny Godsey, named his program Journey Tools Through Grief.  This is the one emotion that can totally take us under because we are not equipped to handle it.  Jesus alone can carry our grief and our sorrow (Isa. 53:4).  We have seen phenomenal results in our first few groups.

We are launching new groups this week!  There is an informational webinar available through this link:

They will ask you for your contact information and allow you into the private group where you can see the webinar and download the Journey Sheet that goes with it.  Ask the Lord if He wants you to take this journey of healing with us!  Sign ups close at the end of this week and groups start the week of the 21st.  There is a ‘go it alone’ option which is much more challenging, as well as a more costly track of one on one care through the material.  It is all based on Exchanged Life Truths, and it has taken what I teach to another level!

For those who are not on Facebook please use this link because it actually tells us that you are connected to me, and then contact me for a different link to the webinar.

Testimony Time

Here is a wonderful Journey Tools testimony from one of my board members:

Before Journey Tools I had a difficult time separating circumstances and the emotions that follow from God’s truth. I was only able to touch the surface.  I spent a lot of energy and time leaning on my own understanding trying to figure out how to reach the deeper issues in my own strength.

The freedom from the pain of abandonment felt by the loss parental protection & provision cannot be adequately described and has proven to be priceless. Learning that I am not alone and that I can actually partner with Jesus Christ rather than my pain has been transformational!

Through the Grace & Mercy of Jesus Christ I’m now able to recognize when I’m partnering with my grief and not his love and truth. My confidence now is in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of His strength in me opposed to doing it in my own strength.

I recommend Journey Tools to anyone looking to deepen their faith or looking for another way-The only way found in Jesus Christ. You are not alone, you don’t have to do life alone. Come and taste of the goodness of God. The width & breadth of his love, grace and longsuffering cannot be measured. You will be changed.

Pastor Ken Keeler’s Update

From Pastor Ken Keeler:  I have been preaching regularly at a church in York from the book of James and every Sunday night at my local church in York through the book of Joshua. Both have been going really well and I am getting good responses.

I will  begin my men’s group for the new year starting September 23rd, and we’re starting out with a church-wide campaign called 40 days in the Word and then we will do my Christ’s Plan for Victorious Living. I have been putting this together for about the last year, and praise God, it is finished, and I will be able to use it for future discipleship and other teaching opportunities.

Please pray for these preaching and teaching opportunities and for more opportunities to preach in churches. Pray that the Lord will use the workbook to teach many more people how to walk in victory and to understand their identity in Christ.

ELM Finances

Thank you so much to all of you who made donations this quarter.  The income I earned for running groups was a huge help to ELM.  Cross Care Ministries pays ELM for my services which in turn allows me to make a livable wage.

We are looking to increase our Journey Tools Scholarship fund to help those who want to go the group route instead of the solo route.  Each group seat costs $397 per person.  If you’d like to sponsor someone through the Journey Tools program simply indicate that on your donation.  Thank you!

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to ELM.  You can do so directly on our website by clicking on the Donation tab or by sending in a check to our address.  Simply, make your check payable to ELM.

Praise and Prayer Requests


  1. For lives that were transformed in our first Journey Tools groups.
  2. For Pastor Ken’s opportunities to teach the EL truths.
  3. For my clients’ growth in Christ and their emotional/spiritual healing.
  4. For a growing social media following of our blog.
  5. For Ken’s new workbook Christ’s Plan for Victorious Living.
  6. For a great first group of JT group facilitator trainees.
  7. For the opportunity to still teach my Ladies’ Bible class via You Tube even thought we are still not meeting at church.


  1. For more Journey tools groups to launch over this week.
  2. For more experienced Exchanged Life counselors to join the JT team.
  3. For new clients and speaking engagements.
  4. For wisdom as we rebrand ELM.
  5. For wisdom in each counseling session and for my client’s to grow.
  6. For Ken to effectively preach and mentor God’s Word and teach his workbook material.
  7. For ELM’s social media following to grow exponentially.
  8. For real estate to rebound, our farm to sell at a good price and the Lord’s leading in my future housing.

“Thus says the Lord, “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls. .” Jeremiah 6:16





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