This week I want to share with you some simple communication techniques for conflict resolution.

First, establish a regular habit of making time to check in with family members.

These times will help you proactively talk through issues before they blow up into problems.

As you’re discussing the issue, make sure you are using “I” for the subject of the sentence and not “you.”

Speak for yourself not the other person.

Using ‘you’ creates defensiveness in the hearer and your conversation will likely lead to an argument and hurt feelings.

Next, avoid preacher words like ‘Should’ and ‘Ought’. 

Again, these words convey a message of criticism and will either lead to a fight or the hearer will shut down and withdrawal.

Lastly, avoid extreme words like “always and never”.

These are rarely true.

We use them to exaggerate the situation to create empathy for our own position on the issue.

So, practice these simple techniques and you should see more issues resolved effectively with less conflict.


Robyn Henning

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