Have you ever been eager to watch a replay of a sporting event or see a movie or TV show only to have someone tell you the end before you see it?

I know that my colleague Ken Keeler has, because he still reminds me of the time 20 years ago that I told him the score of an Eagles game before he had a chance to see it.

Apparently, I ruined it for him…. get over it Ken!

I’m not like him.  Knowing the end before I see it removes the stress and anxiety, and I can simply enjoy the event.  It doesn’t spoil it for me.

For me, prophecy is just like that.

I love seeing the events of the Bible happen in real time just as God foretold through the prophets.

So, I can watch news reports outside the main stream media and see what’s really happening and not get freaked out.

I can see the agenda of the globalists unfolding and not get anxious because God has given us the ultimate spoiler alert.

Jesus won!  Hallelujah!

Satan is defeated, but he’s crazy enough to think he can still win.

At the very least, he’s trying to take as many humans to hell with him and his angel cronies.

Folks, I am less than thrilled with our political choices in the coming election, but I will still be voting if we have an election.

Beloved, every day we move closer to the battle depicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

The attempted coup in Turkey has drawn these players into an even tighter formation.

Israel is seeking to ally itself with African nations.  It knows that the US and other NATO nations have turned against it.

Our current regime is following the lead of the globalist agenda which is anti-America.

In spite of all of this, we can be calm and confident.

Jesus told us that when we see these birth pangs, we are to look up.

Why?  Because our Redeemer is drawing near.

The globalists’ agenda will not prevail.

In fact, Jesus will destroy them in a supernatural way as foretold in Daniel.

Jesus will establish His kingdom which will never end; so, take courage beloved, and stand firm in your faith.

Spoiler alert: we’ve won!



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